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It's all an amazing experience."Cerra and Fiore have dated since high school and married in November 2010.

I think that’s how he approached his relationship with Jo. The senator tells Fargo that GD has been chosen to head up the six-month Astraeus mission to Saturn’s largest moon, Titan.

So knowing that he and Lupo were once in love, Zane then needs to take everything apart if you will, see what’s at the root of him that was attracted to her as well as what’s at the root of her that he was attracted to, and then try to figure out if they can be in love again. That’s sort of how I look at Zane and approach him.” At the end of “Liftoff,” Fargo, who in the alternate timeline is director of Global Dynamics, is summoned to Washington D. Because of his criminal record, Zane is not eligible for the mission.

In Zane’s case he has slipped a bit back into his old smart alec ways and, while not committing any more crimes, is not quite the model Eureka citizen or Global Dynamics employee.

In the season 4.5 opener “Liftoff” he takes a shortcut when helping repair an old space capsule, which puts him and Douglas Fargo in danger when the capsule is accidentally launched into space with them onboard.

This was the first time I’ve ever filmed anything on any production I’ve been a part of where, at the end of our very last day of shooting, the crew erupted into applause.

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I remember looking over at Neil and we both had huge grins on our faces because we had never experienced that before.” The altered timeline Zane is more or less the one that Eureka fans have come to know and love over the past five years, but season 4.5 has allowed Matter to reveal more sides of his character.

This surprised everyone, most of all Deputy Jo Lupo, who ended up falling in love with Zane.

An unexpected trip back to 1947 by five of Eureka’s residents in the fourth season premiere “Founder’s Day” changes the timeline once they return to the present.

We just had a blast the entire time and I’m very pleased with how that episode turned out.

“When I watched the final product you could see how much Neil and I were into our characters.

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