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Validating dyndns svr answer

_________________Asus RT16N OTRW Kingston 4GB USB-disk 128 MB swap 1.4GB ext3 on /opt 2 GB ext3 on /mnt Copperjet 1616 modem in Zip B-config Asterisk, pixelserv & Pound running on router Another Asus RT16N as WDS-bridge DD-WRT v24-sp2 vpn (c) 2010 New Media-NET Gmb H Release: 12/16/10 (SVN revision: 15758M)Dyn seems doesn't work.Tue Jul 27 2010: INADYN: Started 'INADYN Advanced version 1.96-ADV' - dynamic DNS updater. (USA) A donation is not a debricking a way to "Give back" to the dd-wrt project. Tue Jul 27 2010: I: INADYN: IP address for alias 'nu' needs update to 'xxx.53' Tue Jul 27 2010: W: INADYN: Error validating DYNDNS svr answer. (HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden Date: Tue, GMT Server: Apache X-Update Code: X Content-Length: 7 Connection: close Content-Type: text/html; charset=iso-8859-1 badauthheck Current IP Address: xxx.53 )_________________Mf G bamboocha NAS (Asus WL-500g P V1)**latest DD-WRT**WD 1 TB Kathrein UFS 910sw 1W**e² AAF latest Flash**WD 1 TB Yahmaha RX-V3800sw 7.1 Logitech Harmony 885 jb Media Light-Manager**Intertechno Dimmer/Schalter _________________Donations have dwindled so testing is limited to C/CB and R/RB modes on just a few newer models. Looking for more test units (newer models only) for the project..a brick? I do NOT provide personal assistance through chat or phone...please don't ask.

Esto es, que cuando resetees tu router y te cambie la IP, actualiza el host en la web (Recuerda: Para actualizar la IP en la cuenta Dyn Dns - Tambien puedes bajarte la utilidad que hay en la web o tambien la mayoria de los router te permiten actualizar tu ip dinamica desde su web de configuracion ( en DNS, dynamic dns, alli pones tu user pass y host y el propio router te lo actualizara.

yes, you’ll get another error message (“The properties of this message could not be displayed”)…

BUT, if you now try to delete, or move the mail to junk, it WILL work!

'--input_file': the file containing [further] inadyn options.

Allows the use of unknown DNS services that accept HTTP updates. Max is 10 days '--update_period_sec': how often the IP is checked. [in sec] '--log_file': log file path abd name '--background': run in background.

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