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Lesbian online dating tips

The point is to maximize your potential for meeting women who like women.

Ditto for straight people, unless they are setting you up or your group of friends is very diverse.

It is very helpful to hang out with lesbians, because you will increase your chances of finding someone with whom you have chemistry. If you don't already live in that area of town, consider moving there, or at a minimum, go hang out there.

I will cover the dos and don'ts of dating in another column.

In the meantime, those tips will help small-town gals get started.

Good places to meet women in small towns are: Just strike up a conversation with any girl whom you find attractive.

It may seem scary, but remember that you are a good person who has lots to offer.

Despite it being tiny, there gay people there who hang out and do gay things. You may feel comfortable hanging out with your buddy, but the problem is that women in the bar will think that you came with your man-friend as a date. Trust me, I made that mistake more times than anything else.

What I have noticed about small towns is that gays and lesbians tend to stick together more. In other words, they will think that the two of you came to the bar to find someone to have a threesome. So, who is the best person to bring with you to a gay bar? Good-looking women will attract the attention of the lesbians in the bar.

Once you get past the initial stages of coming out, you will be pleasantly surprised at how people will want to help you.

Don't complain about being lonely, but rather say to your loved ones, "I'd really like to find someone to spend my life with." You may even get set up on blind dates!

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