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Enrich data by updating existing records

or In the text box next to the Browse button, type the complete path to Inside View For Marketing_1_0_file. When the solution import is done, a message appears notifying you if it was successful.

However, the more important and less publicized aspect of MS CRM application is that it can be used as a Rapid Application Development Tool for implementing Enterprise wide Line of Business applications!

In Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 there existed an option to update records when using the built-in Import Data Wizard.

Note: If your organization restricts network access to third party applications, please ask your IT administrator to add the following IP address ranges to allow updates from Inside View: To download the appropriate Inside View Enrich solution package, click the hyperlink in the email for installation instructions.

or Go to the following Knowledge Base article: Inside View Enrich - Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online In the When you click the button to download, you will see a dialog to open or save the file.

You can also overwrite the data on some of the fields in your CRM records with the data in Inside View Enrich.

Enrich data by updating existing records

Follow these steps to configure the field mapping: If you want IV for Marketing to overwrite the existing data in your CRM records for a particular field, click the Overwrite existing check box next to the field.

Select Save File and save the file to your local computer.

The Inside View Enrich solution package is a compressed (.zip) file that includes the following components: To browse to the IV for Marketing solution package you have downloaded, click Browse.

One was a pick list and the other was a text field.

We didn’t really need the pick list and decided to scrap it – then we saved and published, and attempted the import process once again. As we can see here, the import process successfully worked. Remember, when you want to update existing records, to make sure that the following options are selected when using ‘Export to Excel.’ Also, ensure that when you’re done updating the Excel spreadsheet, that it’s saved as an XML Spreadsheet 2003 format.

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