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Validating radio button groups

DJ "teaser" announcements using artists' names are permitted, but only those that do not specify the time a song will be played.

Requests may not be played at a specified time and must not intentionally break the artist and song rotation rules (above).

Stream Licensing™ retains the right to reject or cancel an affiliate at our discretion.

The fees we pay the licensing agencies are based on a combination of factors including, but not limited to, your ATH, Sessions, and Revenues.

Thus the fees we charge you are based on the same factors for the month preceding your current bill.

Register for this workshop This is a beginner's mediumship class in which John will guide you in a positive and constructive manner to enhance your own unique abilities as you explore your connection to the Spirit world.

This workshop will give you the opportunity to expand your knowledge and discover your mediumistic potential as you work with John and in groups with the other participants.

Embedding your player or player links on a URL other than our Stream domain or using an App other than our own Stream Licensing™ App removes that specific stream from Stream Licensing™ coverage.

Additionally, our Royalty Performance Rights Organizations agreements mandate that your parent website (your own website) must close when listeners click on your listen button to open your pages under our copyrighted domain.

Should you fail to pay the fees we charge on your bill, your license affiliation for any period of time beyond payment received will, of necessity, be canceled.

Stream Licensing™ does not accept affiliates who program adult-only material.

You agree that failure to file your previous month's Gross Revenue report by the filing deadline means Stream Licensing™ may file your report for you based on the greater of: the previous month's reported numbers or the maximum revenue which your plan allows.

To keep fees down for those who do file their reports by the deadline, Stream Licensing™ will charge you an additional processing fee which will be the greater of: .00 or 20% of the resulting plan's Revenue license level.

Comments Validating radio button groups