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Laguna Beach chronicles the lives of several students attending Laguna Beach High School.

Every installment commences with a voice-over narrative from series leads Lauren Conrad (season 1), Kristin Cavallari (season 2), and Tessa Keller (season 3) foreshadowing the theme of the episode.

Shortly after, Torriero developed romantic feelings for both Cavallari and Cole, though both women were uninterested in beginning a relationship with him.

Meanwhile, Jason Wahler dated Smith, Murrel, and Conrad in separate periods during production, though his womanizing tendencies placed a strain on each failed relationship.

The second season was narrated by Cavallari, and saw the additions of Taylor Cole, Alex Murrel, Jessica Smith, and Jason Wahler.

Upon its conclusion, all cast members departed from the series and were replaced by a group of current students.

However, after an incident during the halftime show of Super Bowl XXXVIII briefly exposed the breast of performer Janet Jackson, the school board questioned if the network, who produced the event, held the care necessary to operate in an academic setting.

Subsequently, their contract was ended, effectively jeopardizing the feasibility of the series' concept.Younger students Kristin Cavallari and Talan Torriero were shown to be finishing their junior year.By the beginning of the second season, Cavallari became the series' narrator and focal point.Throughout its run, the series was led by seven (season 1), eight (season 2), and nine (season 3) primary cast members, who were credited by their first names.Its original main cast members were Conrad, Cavallari, Lo Bosworth, Stephen Colletti, Morgan Olsen, Trey Phillips, Christina Schuller, and Talan Torriero.During the third season, Tessa Keller is established as the series' new narrator and lead position, who is involved in a turbulent relationship with Derek Le Bon.She and her friend Rocky Donatelli are feuding with Kyndra Mayo, Cami Edwards, and Nikki Dowers.Each season concludes with a finale, typically involving a major event such as a progressing relationship or a personnel departure.Most installments revolve around the students' everyday lives, but the show puts emphasis on their personal, rather than academic, lives.Consequentially, the program was revamped to showcase an entirely new group of current students.In its series premiere, Laguna Beach first introduces Lauren Conrad, who with friends Lo Bosworth, Stephen Colletti, Morgan Olsen, Trey Phillips, and Christina Schuller was completing her senior year at Laguna Beach High School.

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