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Teenage sex chat example

For teens that are not quite familiar with the rules and roles of a relationship, they may settle on exchanging nudes and calling it a day; others may pester their girlfriends or boyfriends to send more and racier material in order to satisfy their curiosity or aggressive interest.

Nearly all examples of sexting, of course, include the word sex itself — whether in slang form (“banging”, “hooking up”, and so forth) or in a direct inquiry for sex. Nor are all simply words or pictures: emoji sexting examples re-create the happy faces common to Internet chatting and text messaging with a sexually charged message, such as a camel that implies “humping” or a set of images like hearts and lips that refer to specific sexual acts like oral sex.

If your child is gay, they still need to know about contraception.

Ask your teenager what they're learning about sex and relationships in school lessons. Find out if there's anything they don't understand, and if their classes have raised any topics they'd like to discuss with you.

If you lose your temper or criticise them, they might feel like they can't talk to you in the future.

Ask what your child's friends think about the subject.

However you bring up the topic of sex and relationships, listen to what your teenager has to say.

You can then use this to let the conversation develop.

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