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Updating simlock error

ME handles internally all SIM-ME interface locking and file selection routines.

As response to the command, ME sends the actual SIM information parameters and response data.

It is necessary to modify the RIL to make them work, which is what Seek for Android does.

forum/seek-for-android The approaches for extracting Kc and TMSI I found use AT CSIM command to issue raw APDUs.

We can't send APDUs to the SIM, because AT-commands like CSIM are not supported in Android.

So I looked into CRSM command to see how it works and what it can do. Demo: AT CRSM=176,28542,0,0,11 * read EF-LOCI CRSM: 144,0,18055A1B05F5101030FF00 * decode at GSM 11.11, 10.3.17 * 18055A1B TMSI * 05F5101030 LAI: 50501 4144 * FF current T3212 value (used on phase 1 devices only) * 00 location update status 176 is for READ Binary, 28542 is decimal representation of EF fileid 0x6F7E.

We use this command already to obtain the ciphering indicator. Other parameters should specify the record number and length of response.

However the TE should be aware of the precedence of the GSM application commands to the TE commands. ME handles internally all SIM-ME interface locking and file selection routines.

Parameters: - on a successful completion of the command previously issued it gives the requested data (hexadecimal character format).

The amount of phones supporting this is very limited, according to some people older Siemens and Alcatel phones let you do this.

Also older i Phone’s (3GS/3G/2G) let you do this if you are jailbroken (you need to install minicom from Cydia then connect to the device /dev/tty.debug).

We’ll occasionally send you account related emails. Sign in to your account We need to be able to access the SIM card filesystem in order to work some magic while collecting relevant and necessary network data, not available from AOS API.

There may be many ways to read the file system on a SIM card.

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