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It also shows the degree to which he tailored his grooves to fit in with the guitar, bass and vocal lines.

He would demonstrate the same delicacy of touch mixed with blisteringly powerful and loud fills that made his regular playing so memorable.

John Bonham was considered by many who knew him as a young drummer to have had a very good playing technique.

John Paul Jones had the following to say about John Bonhams playing style.“He used to hit hard and he was loud, but he was actually a very subtle drummer in a lot of ways.

He never played the same thing twice and there was always a lot going on in his playing.

During his teenage year he spent a lot of time working for his family’s construction company.

For a time he worked as a Hod carrier taking bricks up the steep ladders.

One year later he played in the Crawling King Snakes with Robert Plant.

The same year he joined the Band of Joy, another of Robert Plants bands. However soon after, he joined the New Yardbirds who went on to become Led Zeppelin.12 years later on September the 25th 1980, John Bonham died at Jimmy Pages house aged just 32.

In this he always tried to play something different, but still following the same basic structure of starting with the sticks and then moving on to his hands, followed by timpani and finishing with a final build-up.

Playing with his hands was one of Bonhams party tricks, he certainly didn’t change his approach.

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