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Best friend dating your cruch

He gets his heart ripped in two by a disloyal girlfriend AND a disloyal friend. The fact that you even ask this question without a hint of moral dilemma makes it all the more confusingly amoral. ’It’s: ‘I want to figure out a way to potentially cheat with this other dude even though I’m in a committed 3-year-relationship.

You didn’t write, ‘Should I stay with my boyfriend if I’m drawn to this other man? Please help me pull this off.’My answer to helping you, Sharon, is: I will gladly help you pull this off. So here’s a quick and easy way of acting in your own self-interests AND acting ethically.

Which doesn’t mean you’re always acting in another’s self-interests.

In other words, you might get what you want (excitement, validation, potential), the friend might get what he wants (a fling), but your boyfriend is the big loser.

Oh, and despite the highly sarcastic tone of this piece, I truly do recommend you follow Steps 1, 2, and 3.

It’s kind of frustrating how much you can get lost in fixating over whether or not you should send him a text or not.

The good news about breaking up with your boyfriend is that you’re free to flirt with whomever you want, whether or not he’s married, engaged, living with someone, or, perhaps even single.

You’re not doing anyone any favors by trying to make either of these relationships work.

Okay, so I gave away the punchline, but only because I think there’s a teaching tool in here.

Namely that it doesn’t matter who you are, how mature and sweet and kind and cute and well-intentioned, you’re probably acting in your own self-interests.

Start fresh and pray that you find a guy who doesn’t learn of your tendency to want to hook up with his friends.

See how excited he is that his friend’s girlfriend is now officially available for the taking.

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