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It’s not far-fetched that some Black men could feel this way about their mothers.

When I was in high school, I will never forget hearing the brown-skinned mother of my dark-skinned friend admonish him for dating a beautiful, dark-skinned girl.

She told him in no unquestionable terms, “Don’t you bring no little nappy-headed dark girls in my house no more.” He’s now married to a White woman.

But the reality is, the comment “don’t bring home no White girl or boy! Catherine waves her away, fighting back an explosion of tears and says, “I just …I don’t want life to be hard for you.

” is not the overtly simplistic exclamation of intolerance that many oft-handedly perceive it to be. It is hard enough being a Black woman in this world and now you wanna add something else to that.” In America, interracial dating is still a relatively new thing for Black folks.

They blame their mothers for their Blackness that they subconsciously want to reject.

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But it’s practically unconscionable to speak against one’s own Black mother, especially as a Black son since preference for sons and protection of sons over daughters is common not just in Black culture but within many races. In some cases, the mother who stays is hated over the idealization of the father who left.

Two scenes later, we see Catherine confessing to her sister Joyce (Kym Whitley) that she never thought she would have a gay daughter. Well I just hope she don’t bring home no White girl because I don’t wanna see no Jennifer Anistons up in here!

Joyce reassures her that she has raised an intelligent, hard-working, respectful young woman, therefore making her private life “nobody’s business.” At one point in the earnest back-and-forth, Joyce says, “Well get used to it, because one of these days she gon’ bring home one of her little girlfriends! ” In a world where prejudice, racism and bigotry are all used interchangeably without little nuance or context, and the racial animus of the historically privileged is frequently falsely equivocated with the perpetually marginalized, it’s easy to perceive Catherine’s comment as symbolic of her ignorance.

But as the nation finds itself confronting more and more interracial relationships in an age of extreme racial politics, it’s time to unpack the racial divide with much needed nuance.

At the beginning of the episode, Catherine is asked by a preadolescent Denise, “what’s a minority?

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