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Intelligent message filter not updating

Deletion causes the mail program to forget about the message.

This is not irreversible; the message can be undeleted `u ' ) by giving its number, or the mail session can be aborted by giving the exit `x ' ) command.

You can move among the messages much as you move between lines in ed1, with the commands ` ' and `- ' moving backwards and forwards, and simple numbers.

The current message is initially the first message (numbered 1) and can be printed using the print command (which can be abbreviated `p ' ) .You are then expected to type in your message, followed by an `control-D ' at the beginning of a line.The section below Replying to or originating mail describes some features of mail available to help you compose your letter.Other escapes will set up subject fields, add and delete recipients to the message and allow you to escape to an editor to revise the message or to a shell to run some commands.(These options are given in the summary below.) You can end a mail session with the quit `q ' ) command. It is also possible to create a personal distribution lists so that, for instance, you can send mail to ``cohorts '' and have it go to a group of people.You can use the reply command to set up a response to a message, sending it back to the person who it was from.Text you then type in, up to an end-of-file, defines the contents of the message.While you are composing a message, mail treats lines beginning with the character `~ ' specially.For instance, typing `~m ' (alone on a line) will place a copy of the current message into the response right shifting it by a tabstop (see indentprefix variable, below).When you reply to messages, mail will not send a copy of the message to any of the addresses listed on the alternates list.If the alternates command is given with no argument, the current set of alternate names is displayed.

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