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Bermuda employers are required by law to provide at least HIP immediately, with Major Medical after the probationary period.

The better employers will be more generous, with Major Medical applying immediately.

In their own best interests, to help protect themselves against any unforeseen medical emergencies or unexpected death while in Bermuda, they should take out adequate health and major medical insurance coverage before they arrive.

They are not eligible for any type of Bermuda health insurance benefit or coverage as they are not covered by the local health insurance plans required by law to be offered by Bermuda-based employers to their Bermuda-based employees and their Bermuda-based non-working dependents and and paid for by Bermuda-based employers and their employees. All visitors from all countries should note that if while in Bermuda they need any hospital or medical attention or services they must be paid for in cash or by credit card (no personal checks or cheques) in accordance with the scale of charges in effect from King Edward VII Memorial Hospital and local medical practitioners.

Annual spending on health in Bermuda is more than $11,952, the highest in the world.

See Bermuda Health Council release of its its National Health Accounts Report 2014, showing an increase in per capita health spending of almost 60 per cent over the six-year period.

Canada has a broadly similar system for all its residents.

Bermuda has no reciprocal healthcare arrangements with the USA, Canada, United Kingdom or any other country.

In 1970, via the Hospital (later rettitled Health) Insurance Act - see Laws/Health Insurance Act 1970- it has been a legal requirement for employers based or operating in Bermuda to provide and pay for a health plan specific to that employer and for that employer's Bermuda employees at all levels and whether local or expatriate, Bermudian or non-Bermudian, to accept and help pay for up to 50% of the cost for that employee and qualified Bermuda-resident members of his or her family.

All such health plans must be offered by majority-Bermudian owned and operated, not non-Bermudian, companies licensed by the Bermuda Government to provide such services.

There is no standard health plan, nor any plans offered by associations which include those employers as members.

Consequently, burdened by the individuality of all plans offering no combined economies of scale and other conditions, the cost of health insurance to employers and their employees can be extremely high (in some cases nearly ,000 a year).

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