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Another area of the relationship may have to do with social activities.The Female will often be the sole decider of all social activities.Or in many cases they will seek out dominant men and train them to be submissive and obedient.

For those that are interested it is a good idea to join a local community or online community to talk with other couples involved in such a relationship. There are many advantages for a relationship when the wife of the house is leading in the marriage.That may involve washing and ironing the clothes, doing the dishes, cleaning the toilet and bath, and other cleaning in the house.The woman may set out a roster of weekly chores for the man to do each week.Obedience on the part of the male is the foundation of such a relationship.Different women will have different expectations on how obedient the man should become.However, in some Female controlled relationships the finances are jointly under the control of both partners.It will be a matter for each couple to come to an agreement on this early in the relationship.For example, if going to watch the movies the Female will decide what movie to watch, what seat to sit in and what snacks to eat and drink.Discipline is another important part of the Female controlled relationship.It should be noted that submissive men are often Dominant with other people, but submissive and obedient to a Woman in a Female controlled relationship.A Female controlled relationship will mean different things to different couples but the same dynamics are always there.

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