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Internet explorer not updating rss feeds

"Windows 7" and related materials are trademarks of Microsoft Corp. I can't believe I'm saying this, because for years, I never really 'got' it. I manage half my life through that program, in fact (the other being One Note, which I like even better).Happily, the feeds I choose to read are saved in my .

A collection of RSS feeds creates a customized “newspaper” that is updated daily and delivered directly to you.

These feeds are available for most blogs and news sites, both legal and general, as well as for a variety of Web sites that publish materials regularly.

More often than not I get the " Is Not a Valid Feed" Error/Dialog box. I got them put together aroound mide to late September.

It seems very strange sometimes as it will accept & reject feeds from the same site, e Bay for example. When someone sends me an email, the name under the "To:" is wrong. I know it gets that information from my settings, I went to the icon in the upper left corner and went to "options" then to "e mail accounts" and then to "properties" under my... Windows live Mail came with the OS, it all worked very good, much like Outlook Express but different.

Can anyone tell me why and how to get them to start receiving in my Hotmail inbox again...please.

Cheers : DLive Mail from Microsoft Essentials is very particular about which feeds it will and will not take.Many courts are now offering RSS feeds to allow lawyers to receive news about updated dockets, new opinions and news. Feed readers such as Rss Reader or Feed Demon are downloadable computer applications.Others like Bloglines or Google Reader are web-based applications that allow reading of RSS feeds online, wherever the Internet is available. , AOL and Google offer RSS readers that are incorporated into their home page. , My AOL or i Google page to preview mail, check local movie times or the weather, they can also review their RSS feeds.Microsoft Internet Explorer version 7 takes the convenience of RSS feeds a step further by making the feed reader a part of the browser itself.IE7’s RSS reader feature can manage a number of feeds at once.When I upgraded to Outlook 2010 Beta 2, however, the magic stopped. my RSS Feeds folder was still there, the articles I hadn’t yet read were working just fine, but I wouldn’t get any new articles delivered. I’d hit Send / Receive all day, but the RSS Feeds just wouldn’t update.I even checked under Accounts, where they seem to show up: But despite this, Outlook wouldn’t actually check them. I knew how it worked technically, I saw how it could possibly be useful, but I just never really cared enough to actually use it, and I couldn't imagine why anyone else ever would, either. And as I’ve mentioned before, I really dislike the current state of the web, where each web site is most like a program, with its own interface and quirks and learning curve, not to mention bugs, advertisements, distractions, and security issues.So if I can take the content from the sites I love and read that content in a program I already know, I’m a happy man.Perform 'Windows Updates' and recheck results Hope this helps. And manually deleting the 'feed sub-folder' ensures that there are no 'feed leftovers' in the system. On the 12/7/12 my emails stopped going into Hotmail inbox.Glad that the issue is fixed; thank you for the confirmation. I looked all over and discovered they were now going into Windows Live Mail inbox.

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