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Ashes flirt4free webcam thread

If you drive to the Nrburgring, you passes the Dttinger Hhe - situated at the same section of the legendary Nrburgring Nordschleife.

I barely sucked the last drop when I realized that the other guy was 10" deep in my ass!

Drugged and still horny he fucked me very hard and very firmly.........grabbing my hips and pushing his between my asscheeks.

Finally, I heard one guy scream "Somebody's getting fucked on this island, who's first? I put on such a show............playing the poor, weak man about to get violated. Knowing they couldn't fuck their own friends and still face the world..............LINED UP one by one for my personal casting call.

I peered at an endless line of giant black cocks.....................looked like a half mile of bobbing, hard poles.

When I had sucked him good and hard, I motioned him around the back to my ass and he quickly plunged his 9" cock up my ass as I gasped and cried in temporary pain. He started fucking my ass, stroking his sweet black pole in and out and groaning loudly as the serum kicked in hard.

I motioned the next guy in line to move forward to my mouth. It was veiny and very bulbous, like a tick about to be popped.

I grabbed the first black pole in line and began sucking it wildly.................

I sucked and sucked and stroked his long pole in my hand.............captain would keep them coming in the exact order I wanted.

I was so lucky to have the first penis I ever touched to be so erotic and enormous. My body turned to putty as his perfectly smooth penis spoiled me into a size queen brat.

I wanted to conquer more giant, black cocks like my first.

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