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It’s a very true story between Indian mother and her son and please don’t’ think about it as fake. I am telling this story from my friend’s perspective.

I know it is very rare for such thing to happen in India but believe me it happened between these families. My father is a senior ias officer posted at shimla.

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Though it was strange that she still wore designer colorful bras and panties which i saw often drying in the sun at the back of the bathroom balcony.They told us that in the evening no one stays here and we have the whole bungalow to ourselves.One of them was a friend of our driver so he also asked to go to village with them. Mother told him that if he wanted to go with them, he should do only after the food is ready and all the basic work is done.There was also a partition between us and the driver. I was hesitant as i didn’t have any girlfriends and i was still a virgin.Mother kept breaking the ice and soon she was talking naughty stuff with me.The servant then left us at about 8 in the evening after the food smelled well.We were very hungry from the travel and quickly had our fill.I had seen her for the first time in such exciting colors but there were more surprises later which i would tell.We sat at the back seat of the white ambassador car and it had dark windshields. Initially we talked about general things and then my mother, he name is suryakantam pandey, started asking me about my love life.She was just like my friend and with her i used to spend a lot of my time.And now when she was having fits, i knew it’s the loving care of her son which she needs. We were going smooth and happy and she was getting better all the time. After a few days, father told us on the dining table that he had arranged a vacation tour for us and he had to stay back for some official work and could join us only after 2 weeks.

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