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Basically, “pulling a pig” is a game where a man pretends to woo a woman that he sees as unattractive because he and his friends think it is funny. Unfortunately, this is a new bullying trend that has devastated women across the globe.To make matters even worse, the winner is the man who can attract and con the “ugliest” woman.

View personals, communicate with playful singles, share your experiences, and mingle with people from your area. Feel lonely and still can't find a person for life and love?Browse new personals and choose the right partner faster than ever!Now you will become popular among pretty people who will beg for a date with you!For many women, these cruel jokes are some of the most hurtful and humiliating things that have ever happened to them.After a man has slept with a woman, built up a fake relationship with her, he wins “extra points” from his buddies for humiliating them by dramatically rejecting them after several months of a fake relationship. It leaves long term emotional scars and can affect a woman’s self-esteem indefinitely.It is yet but another version of misogyny where it is deemed “funny” to date an unattractive woman to humor your buddies. If something seems “off” when you meet a potential date, it probably is.Be cautious of this dating trend so you don’t fall victim to its cruel and heartless intentions.He keeps them on the side just in case he needs them if another relationship doesn’t work out.And “catfishing” is when you lie on social media to trick a person into dating you.Candace is an actress and writer living in Los Angeles, CA.You may have seen her as the face of Stila, Clear Essence, Nars, Herbalife, Youthful Luster Skincare, and Classified Cosmetics.

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