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Which american idols contestants are dating

Jason Aldean is dating the "American Idol" alum who broke up his marriage -- and we're told they've been hooking up ever since he filed for divorce.

In addition to the winners, we can’t forget that there are contestants who have still “won” like Jennifer Hudson, who went on to win an Oscar, and Katharine Mc Phee, who is now a big television star.

just announced their Top 24 contestants and it’s quite the talented group!

Clark says that as a result of "Fox's sham investigative report," he suffered "tremendous reputational damage," that his record label stopped returning his calls, that people would spit on him in public, that he was served with an eviction notice on his home, that he began living on food stamps and that in 2006, he "reached absolute rock bottom," constructing a rope from bed sheets and attempting to hang himself.

Clark now is objecting to defamatory statements allegedly made in the wake of this ordeal, including, he says, an episode of , which he says aired in January 2012 and denied an Abdul relationship with Clark.

Monday night’s “American Idol” (April 2) delivered the final judgement, with judges Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan narrowing down the contestants from 50 to 24.

One by one, each singer had to look fate in the eyes, and with that came several shocking eliminations.Clark is suing for libel, false-light invasion of privacy and a third count for conspiracy to commit commercial product disparagement.According to the complaint, "Investigators spent three and a half months reviewing materials provided by Clark and Abdul and investigating 43 people, (10 of whom were eyewitnesses to the conduct between Clark and Abdul alleged by Clark) in an effort to further disparage Clark's name and reputation and conceal the facts and true nature of Clark's disqualification and romantic relationship with Abdul." Clark previously has sued Viacom over allegedly defamatory comments from a MTV News reporter. Fox declined to comment until it had a chance to review the court papers. Entertainment also declined comment, having not seen the complaint.He was booted from the Fox show because producers said he hadn't disclosed his arrest record when joining the competition.He later became known for claiming to have had an affair with then- contestants who filed a petition at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission requesting permission to sue the program's producers for racial discrimination, allegedly emanating from the mistreatment of black contestants by asking about arrest history.According to the complaint, Gibson Dunn and Morrison & Foerster were hired.The first firm is said to have done work in the past for Fox; the latter for producer Fremantle Media.The judges – Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan – narrowed down the contestants to the best 12 men and the best 12 women.While many of America’s favorites are through to the next round, some surprising contestants didn’t make the cut.First on the stage was 16-year old Layla Spring, who bravely took on the Ike and Tina Turner classic “Proud Mary.” Although Bryan said the judges were nervous about putting a teenager through, Spring’s vibrato improved (a directive Perry instructed her to work on), and she made it to the top 24.Michael Woodward, who seemed so green during auditions, had clearly blossomed in the weeks that followed.

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