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Namely that the court has power to require proceedings to be heard by a Divisional Court in appropriate circumstances where this will further the overriding objective of enable the court to deal with cases justly and at proportionate cost.

Rule 47.6 is amended to provide for the filing of electronic and/or paper versions of the bill of costs, if appropriate, and to direct users to the relevant practice direction supplementing Part 47 (Practice Direction 47).

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The amendments reflect changes in the organisation of the Government Legal Service and the formation of the Government Legal Department and the locations of HMRC litigators.These amendments provide for the enforcement through the Traffic Enforcement Centre at Northampton of Penalty Charge Notices issued against the registered keeper of a vehicle form which a littering offence is committed outside London.The Littering from Vehicles Outside London (Keepers: Civil Penalties) Regulations 2018 SI 2018 No. These powers already exist for notices issued in the London area.PD Making document PD51S sets out the provisions for a pilot allowing for the electronic submission of claims for specified and unspecified money only claims made in the County Court where the claimant is legally represented.On completion of the claim form online, CMCC will issue and digitally seal the claim which will be returned electronically to the legal representative for downloading and service on the defendant.The majority of amendments relating to the New Bill of Costs are made to Practice Direction 47and will be published as part of the Practice Direction Making Document supporting the rule changes.Rule 52.4 is amended to make clear that a judge hearing an application for permission to appeal may, in what is known as a “rolled-up” hearing, hear the application for permission to appeal and the appeal at the same time, if possible and appropriate.The BPC Practice Direction will be publishing as part of the Practice Direction Making Document supporting the rule changes.Amendments are made to reflect the changes made by EU Regulation 2015/2421 to the EU Regulations establishing the European Small Claims Procedure (ESCP) Regulation (Regulation 861/2007) and European Order for Payment Procedure (EOP) (Regulation 1896/2006).Further to the introduction of Business and Property Courts (BPC) encompassing the specialist courts and lists of the High Court including the Commercial Court, the Admiralty Court, Mercantile Court, the Technology and Construction Court and the courts of the Chancery Division (including those dealing with financial services, intellectual property, competition, and insolvency) amendments are made to rename the Mercantile Court as the Circuit Commercial Court, and the judges of those courts as Circuit Commercial Court judges.Amendments are accordingly made to Part 59 (Mercantile Courts) to implement the name change and to amend references to the Mercantile Court and judges where they appear throughout the CPR, including Parts 30, 52, 61, and 62.

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