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Android weather widget not updating

Now I have assigned widget tap actions to launch different applications, how can I get to the settings screen again?

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Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do except wait a few hours for Google to update their data.However, you may still be out of luck: the weather information is provided by Google (in the free version), it is possible that this information is not available for some cities (especially non-US cities). If it does not work, and if the weather used to work fine for you, the problem is probably with Google.For the full version, you have two additional weather providers (Weather Bug and Accu Weather), which probably have a larger weather and city database. The weather data is from Google, who sometimes fails to update its weather database.A: Yes, you may change the temperature unit in the settings screen.Similarly, you can also change the wind speed unit in weather settings.Note that you have to enable the "Use wireless networks" option (Settings - Location & Security) for Fancy Widgets to automatically determine your location.Besides, the system geocoder component, which translates your geographic location (i.e., latitude and longitude) into the city name, can fail sometimes.Also, the old version of Fancy Widget (Pro) has been discontinued and no longer supported. A: Fancy Widgets uses a background service that updates the time and weather periodically. A: This should be a graphics glitch and only happens after updates.Q: I purchased Fancy Widget Pro from the Android Market/Amazon Appstore. If you are using any task manager applications, they may aggressively kill the update service. When we add new images to the application package, the market update process may mess up some resource identifiers, which leads to weird pictures that you see on the widget.The following video shows how to add widgets to your home screen: Shortcuts, Widgets, Folders. Can I try out the new version without losing the old one? The new version has a different package name, and is actually a new app in the market.You will NOT lose the old version by installing the new one.

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