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Section 28Special personal characteristics(2) If the law provides that special personal characteristics aggravate, mitigate or exclude punishment this shall apply only to the accomplices (principals or secondary participants) in whose person they are present.table of contents Each accomplice shall be liable according to the measure of his own guilt and irrespective of the guilt of the others.table of contents(1) A person who attempts to induce another to commit a felony or abet another to commit a felony shall be liable according to the provisions governing attempted felonies.

Subsection (1) above shall apply mutatis mutandis to any other detention suffered abroad.(5) For the purpose of crediting a period of provisional disqualification from driving (section 111a of the Code of Criminal Procedure) against a driving ban under section 44, subsection (1) above shall apply mutatis mutandis.

The court shall also allow for such conditions of payment if without them the restitution by the offender of any damage caused by the offence were to be substantially impaired; the court may require the offender to present proof of restitution.table of contents If the fine cannot be recovered, it shall be replaced by imprisonment.

One daily unit shall correspond to one day of imprisonment.

This does not apply if the court imposes an order pursuant to section 43a.table of contents If a convicted offender, due to his personal or financial circumstances, cannot be expected to pay the full fine immediately, the court shall allow a certain time for payment or allow payment in specified instalments.

The court may also order that the privilege of paying the fine in fixed instalments will be revoked if the convicted offender fails to pay an instalment in time.

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