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Once a sausage fest, it now requires registration, and it has a strict no-nudity policy.

Be prepared to spend an obscene amount of money on a coffee table.

How to recognize him: The Gym Head is easily recognizable by his impressive physique.

This app will also need to be discreet for the users, as they are cheating on their spouses (or just single people getting down and dirty and want it under wraps). A better option is just to delete all messages, images, and data that can be traced back to individual users. I think we could all do without hearing about this kind of stuff, and I have a solution: a snapsext app where people can send and receive sexts and nudes without having any chance of them being leaked.

Don't store any user information; in fact, don't even ask for user information. Send a silly selfie, send a dick pic, or whatever you want; it'll only be seen by the receiver and all content fades into the ether in ten seconds or less.

Very important: only make a move if you think he is replaceable.

How to catch him: Wait until he’s had a few drinks and invite him to play a game of darts or pretend you can’t read the menu and ask him for help.

Posted: , Author: Aduxo Surely you've heard about the Ashely Madison leaks; their users could use an app just like this.

For the most part, though, it's just a waste of everyone's time.

People really need an app like this where they can send messages and images and not have to worry about any of their activity of information being leaked to the public.

I'm tired of hearing about politicians, athletes, and celebrities and their nudes being leaked.

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