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Just Dating is a classical free dating site (JDS) with premium services.

Just Dating is a classical free dating site We know that dating site should give singles fast and correct result.

Just try – and that simple action may change your mind forever.

Just ask those, who are not able to think outside the box and are not excited with such services, and they will speak a lot, what kind of people usually use such websites, as they consider.

They will inform you, that people who cannot find a couple in a way, we all get used to, are rather silly, poor or not attractive.

They are sure, the Internet itself is full of perverts and maniacs, and you can never know who is reading your messages at the opposite screen's side.

Such people have striking resemblance to medieval noblemen who are not able to accept the changes in a modern society, having no clear idea of online dating.

Business model Limited Just Dating Coins will be issued by the end of ICO, which will be traded on exchanges.

Dating service will have a lot of paid features for premium users with a fixed price in fiat currencies.The growing traffic from natural sources is the evidence of the high quality of our project.As a result, a number of new people are getting in touch every day using our dating site.A set of affiliate programs will be available for webmasters: PPC, PPS, PPL, White Label.Webmasters will get their revenue in Just Dating Coins, and they automatically become coin holders.This site is a new project of the EU (Lithuania) based professional team with large experience in social networking.The MVP of the Just Dating has already been set up using venture capital and is receiving positive feedback from early users.The first one is busy bees and careerists, who meet the same people every day and do not have any opportunity to change their daily routine and meet their couple.The second big category includes people, being disappointed by their dates or relationships, having trust problems, willing to know the person better and establish communication before the first date takes place. Have you ever dreamt of people from different countries, whom you can never meet, though someone of them could be a perfect couple for you?Hundreds of lost opportunities, thousands of missing chances just because of your sitting in comfort zone and ignoring new possibilities of science and information technology.

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