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Dating game love midlife playing second sight

I guess I'm looking for some mystical place where all the great singles guys are, the elephant's graveyard of men.

But I'm starting to think those guys don't exist." Judsen Culbreth, author of "The Boomer's Guide to Online Dating," says the odds aren't nearly that bad, though.

And on, it's more of the same or worse: a 43-year-old guy in search of his 18- to 35-year-old soul mate.

Giving up the ghost "I'm in the over-40 category on, and none of the guys my age want to even look at me," says Bonnell. The only guys that want to look at me are in their 60s." Men wanting to date younger women — could this shocking revelation be true?

"Ninety-nine percent of my clients are looking for women age 27 to 37," says Christine Stelmack, founder of Seattle-based 4M Multimillionaire Matchmaking Club.

"When you're younger, you're clueless," says Mason Grigsby, co-author of "Love at Second Sight: Playing the Midlife Dating Game." "You meet someone and if they look and sound good, you go out; you're much more forgiving.

When you're older, though, that forgiveness goes away fast.

"Statistics turn up 1.4 single boomer women for every unmarried boomer man," she writes in her book.

"A savvy single Boomer woman only has to beat out half a person." Cougar country Whether the odds are good or the goods are odd is anybody's guess."So I told him 'Well, I'm not the girl for you.' " Take out the guys looking to fulfill their biological imperative, the emotional train wrecks, the trophy hunters, the married sharks, and what do we have left? "I'm very discouraged about dating," says Cynthia Hickey, a 46-year-old Seattle single."I've tried, subscribed to a matchmaking service, I belong to any number of organizations and tell my friends I'd like to meet people.Chaddock and Emilie Chaddock Egan (Ten Speed Press, 2005). "Love at Second Sight: Playing the Midlife Dating Game," by Nancy W.Collins and Mason Grigsby (New Horizon Press, 2004)."And the older people are, the more likely they are to have done their 'work.' But you'll meet these people who are still dragging all their old relationships around behind them like Marley's Ghost." Yes, the F-Zone can be full of specters."I hear a lot of moaning from both sides," says Grigsby, who interviewed 400 singles for his book.Advice from pros Dating after 40 can feel as awkward as the first day of high school.Here's some advice from those who've graduated with honors: "The Boomer's Guide to Online Dating," by Judsen Culbreth (Rodale 2005).The author, who married her cybersweetheart at age 52, explains the world of online dating, which she says offers the best odds for women over 35."Flings, Frolics and Forever Afters: A Single Woman's Guide to Romance After Fifty," by Katherine E.

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