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Wordpress site not updating changes

If you happen to use Cloud Flare (which a lot of sites nowadays do), don’t forget that besides many other cool features, Cloud Flare caches static files such as css, js and images to aid in faster loading times.To stop Cloud Flare caching turn on Development mode in Cloud Flare and clear browser cache.

Hard refresh your page (Cntrl F5 on PC or cmd R on Mac).

If this does not help, disable your caching plugin.

If none of these options fix your issue, you may want to deactivate the cache plugin from the plugin menu.

Then, you will want to see if this fixes the issue.

If this does not help then most likely your server caches files. If Word Press Stylesheet does not update after clearing browser cache and history and deleting plugin cache also does not help, add a new version number at the end of the file you need to update. You have updated Word Press theme and your stylesheet changes are gone.

If your css files are loaded in Word Press like on the picture below then the easiest way to stop file caching is to append a query string to the link element so that the browser will re-load it. This happens if you make changes to the theme’s file.

You can still see the post in the single post view, but for some reason it won’t show up on your actually homepage.

You may also notice that changes you make to a widget don’t update very quickly.

Sometimes, when you make changes to a widget or to a post, your Word Press website won’t update immediately.

This can make it hard to see the changes you’ve made and make sure they are done correctly.

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