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Our lips (and tongues) were locked until the husband came back with our drinks.

I was hard as a rock from making out with the wife and the husband was slowly getting there.

It was pretty hot sitting on the couch next to a married guy, both in speedos, rubbing our cocks through the lycra waiting for his wife to join us.

Sure enough husbands speedo was pulled down and wife was sucking away on his now very very hard cock.

Wifes pussy was well and truly wet from the attention my tongue had given it over the previous 5 minutes and my cock slid in easily and the groaning coming from wifes cock filled mouth with every thrust of my cock indicated that she was enjoying having a cock in both ends.

The wife noticed just how much my cock was straining in the black lycra of my speedos and she suggested that we all get naked.

It took about 10 seconds for husband and I to get out of our speedos and for the wife to get out of her white bikini.So the husband and I are sitting on the couch both wearing black speedos. She is petite, nice medium sized titties, shaved all over and brunette.I'm hard as a rock from making out with the wife and we are both sitting there rubbing our cocks through our speedos. She notices straight away that I'm harder than her husband and getting on her knees between his legs starts rubbing the front of his speedo. After watching this amazingly hot sight, I decide that I should look after the wife. I get off the couch and lying on my back on the ground, I put my head between her legs, pulled her bikini aside and tasted her moist pussy.A collection of vids and pics which include at least one girl and two boys.If, like me, you get hard over cock and pussy, then why not share all your bi and straight mmf uploads here?So the three of us put our genitals back into our swimwwear. The husband arrive and invited the three guys (who were 100% str8) if they wanted to come back to their home and fuck his wife.All three of them thought that sounded like a great idea and the wife was fucked by the guys one at a time on the couch. I thought this was pretty hot and by the time they had finished detailing this story I was hard as a rock and ready to go again.My attention to the wifes pussy was met with a groan of pleasure from the wife and she started to grind her pussy on my face.I assumed that husbands cock was free of his speedo and wife was sucking hard on it.Lots of photos were exchanged beforehand and they looked like their photos.I told them I was bi and they said that the husband is 'open minded'.

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