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Vulnerable people may be less able to help themselves in an emergency than self-reliant people.

The police can help to reduce this shocking statistic – but only if they truly understand the complex risks and dynamics of abuse.

The Civil Contingencies Act, and accompanying non-legislative measures, delivers a single framework for civil protection in the UK.

See also: The government aims to ensure all organisations have effective, well-practiced emergency plans in place.

This section outlines what we mean by emergency planning, different types of plans, the importance of exercising them and training key staff, and the kind of factors which planners should consider.

Victims of an emergency - which includes not only those directly affected but also those who, as family and friends, suffer bereavement or the anxiety of not knowing what has happened. Plans sometimes place unrealistic expectations on management and personnel.

Organisations should ensure their plans give due consideration to the welfare of their own personnel.

Emergency planning should be viewed as part of a cycle of activities beginning with establishing a risk profile to help determine what should be the priorities for developing plans and ending with review and revision, which then re-starts the whole cycle.

Plans should focus on at least 3 key groupings of people - the vulnerable, victims (including survivors, family and friends) and responder personnel.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission upheld four complaints against the force including one that officers took 'too long' to arrest Williams after he was initially accused of assaulting his wife.'Despite the high awareness and public profile of the positive measures the force had put in place, our investigation into how this woman’s concerns were dealt with highlighted issues with call handling, record-keeping and awareness of force policy and procedures.'I hope that appropriate lessons have been learned and we have shared the learning from our investigation with Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary and the Serious Case Review and Attempted Domestic Homicide Review into how all agencies acted within this case.''It is only right for agencies involved to examine their actions to ensure that, if faced with an extraordinary set of events again, they can ensure they have the best opportunities to intervene, to offer help and minimise the risk to those involved.'Gwent Police are continually striving to improve our response to domestic abuse incidents which includes increased and wider training around identification and log closure; increased sharing and scrutinising of domestic related incidents through the DMM and DACC system and also the implementation of the Domestic Abuse Investigation Unit which is made up of over 60 staff and ensures coordination of responses between relevant agencies to ensure better and more effective responses and investigation.'We also welcome the Serious Case Review and the Attempted Domestic Homicide Review which allowed the agencies involved to take a step back and reflect and review on the events that took place; to learn from events and improve practice to do all they can to prevent future tragedies.''Sandra Horley CBE, chief executive of national domestic violence charity Refuge, said: 'I am saddened, but not surprised, by the findings of the IPCC investigation into Gwent Police’s response to Rachel Williams in the months before she was shot by her estranged husband.

Refuge supports 2,000 women and children on any given day and we know that the police response is patchy at best.

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