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Maybe there will be a completely separate index for IE's to eliminate all those 'accidental' contacts which seem to happen so those here for IE and kept completely separate (i.e.

not shown under New Users or anywhere else they might appear).

So that forces a user to create another profile and have a double identity.... ;) So now the site will allow men to contact women who have that mail preference and POF can claim " he's never searched for IE"..him!! All those working girls from Manchester with fake profiles and even faker pics gone at last? If you want to waste time and money on wank fodder there are zillions of other places to be............. You're traveling perilously into the realm of being deemed something quite impolite.

Why should any woman be subjected to attention of men who sought women on this site for casual, NSA, sex?

The only complaints I've ever seen about this filter as from people who have been blocked, I've never seen a complaint from those who use the mail restriction.

The implication of that is that the ability to filter out IE's is popular and those using the filter are happy with it. At this moment (and yes, I do understand that it may change), it is still possible to set up an account with the intent of seeking IE's, it is still possible to filter out those with this intent and also those who state a different intent yet routinely contact IE's in terms of receiving messages from them.

I find your blatant disrespect for the wishes of others quite disturbing.

Surely, if the vast majority of profile block contact from IE's, the filter is very popular.I'm sure in cities that number is quite a bit higher. Considering the option was available the ever since my first encounter with this site way back in 2005, it seems to me to be little more than censorship. It's forbidden to create duplicate identities, and even more so (but with the same penalty of profile deletion, as I understand it) for attempting to circumvent the filters, by doing it .That doesn't seem to be a situation that justifies ditching it altogether. I figure its because if you do search for IE, it virtually renders your profile useless with 90% of women on the site, since they will add that to their mail preferences. Your suggestion of it could get your posting privileges revoked, as well.Historically, it was claimed that IE's were excluded from general searches and although that's reflective of my experience here, I understand that they are included in the New Users.If included throughout this site, I can see that some might trigger this filter unintentionally, which depending on the volume of users who do so, will result in the constant deletion of accounts and regeneration of clean slates, and maybe make this filter less effective.It does seems a shame if this filters effectiveness is reduced, as it's the only one which doesn't rely on users being honest (with themselves and others) about what they seek but instead is action driven.I figure its because if you do search for IE, it virtually renders your profile useless with 90% of women on the site, since they will add that to their mail preferences.Maybe they are removing the IE category altogether.All speculation and as we never get informed in advance of any changes, I guess we have to wait and see.If you are accorded the same rights to filter people, either through the automation of this site or by manual selection, you don't like, why are we not allowed the same?You also haven't a clue as to what happened to the IE options or whether or not this will impact the filters.

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