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Alyssa doll still updating

Alyssa stayed close to Ian so she wouldn't have a chance to be close to the evil man. Everyone for the most part was happy and caring, reminding Alyssa of a very normal family reunion one would have around the holidays.Everyone in the family greeted each other with large smiles and big hugs. The women spoke of desserts they had prepared for dinner while men spoke of new cars and long days in the office.

"It's only been a half hour since we've seen each other," she smiled as if oblivious as to what she meant. Cassi smiled once more in an almost dreamy fashion. It's been blissful spending so much time with Ben." "Before or after you were tortured in the basement?

" Alyssa's hand flew to her mouth to cover it. You weren't bonded with Harrison like I was with Ben," she said with what sounded like a touch of arrogance.

Darrell was also there, looking quite cross as of late.

Ian had confided in Alyssa he was not as distraught of his wife and child being brutally murdered as he was of not having his human sex-doll that was Eliza.

By the time the three individuals were dragged out of the large van driven here by one of the cousins, Alyssa didn't dare look at them as they mumbled and tried screaming underneath their duct-taped mouths.

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A woman who looked no older than twenty-five was sobbing. It was seeing the last victim that proved there was no way possible Alyssa could sit on the sidelines and cheer on the men of the family murdering this person.Had they not been in the middle of a frightening forest, Alyssa could have mistaken this bunch as a genuine family and not a coven of cannibals.What seemed to be common with each family was that the wives were homemakers while the husbands were the breadwinners of the family.If she wanted to get her away from this madness, she had to remain calm. Alyssa tilted her head and spoke to Cassi as everyone gathered.Although Alyssa did not grab a hold of her sister, she remained no farther than an arm's length. "I've missed you, Casserole." Cassi spared her a puzzled expression and a gentle shake of her head.After Alyssa politely joined greetings with other female members of the family, she felt compelled to grab Cassi and hold her close. Alyssa felt compelled to hogtie Cassi, throw her in Ian's car, jump in while screaming at him to drive away as fast as he could.Unfortunately, -after Ian forewarned her in the car earlier- Alyssa could not keep grabbing and hugging onto Cassi in such a crazy fashion. The massive cannibal family would become suspicious as to why Alyssa was so panicked every time she saw her little sister.Alyssa ignored the wave of nausea plaguing her remembering the old Ben.He was always being groomed for this, she had to remember that.Mason continued talking but Alyssa couldn't hear him.Her mind was too preoccupied with asinine plans of trying to escape with Cassi while no one was looking.

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