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In one of those occasions, in a blazing afternoon sun, with oppressive heat, inforcai the bike and walked along the dirt road in the shade of the trees that flank, to the farm.This Animal sex story was exclusively written for courtyard was empty, everything was quiet, a calm that I was not used.

Almost every summer, I return to the country for a period of leave, they are born and I have all the relatives and I have a small house just outside of town.

That summer, I decided as usual to make a visit to my aunt, a handsome middle-aged woman who lives with his pretty daughter in a farmhouse just outside the village.

The scene was proving to be one of obscenity, the woman, hands and feet on the ground pulling on one side and was moved here and there forced to pander to the beast that was trying to get away awkwardly, hampered greatly enlarged sex organ still firmly anchored in the vagina.

All this actually lasted a few seconds, then with a firm movement of the pelvis, the woman freed herself from what I thought was a burning and throbbing monstrosity the size of a pumpkin.

I gave him time to riassettarsi, when I saw her cross the threshold, I rushed home, I was excited by the fact that he was forced to keep still wearing animal residues of intercourse.

I watched her move, as I was preparing the meal chatting about this and that and my excitement rose even more at the thought of what I had seen earlier.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for aunt, still overwhelmed by the size of the animal, was in the throes of a clear ‘orgasm, aunt turned her head from side to side, biting his lip so as not to miss moans of pleasure.

His death rattle last long, powered by the attempts made to free the animal from that uncomfortable position.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for dog crouched a few feet licking the genitals, while my aunt was still a little china, panting, his body drenched in sweat.

I was at a distance of five or six feet, and now ran the risk of being detected.

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