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And it tells me that God Himself has begun a good work in me that will continue until it is complete.He certainly doesn’t leave me, “just who I am.” Thank heavens!

This includes the fact that none of the Book of Mormon animals such as horses, cows, sheep, donkeys, and pigs existed in Pre-Columbian America, but in fact were Old World animals imported by the Spaniards in the 1500's.

The sport of Jesus' choice, because a basketball court is in almost every chapel; also it is clearly the place where the men, who are holders of the holy priesthood, can feel and spread "the spirit" of terrible sportsmanship with their fellow brethren. Discouraged to wear in case they are mistaken for early Mormon prophets or Scriptural characters.

In fact, as we discussed in class, even “good” labels, like “Smart,” or “Strong,” or “Mature” can imprison us because we then feel pressure to live up to that label, to the point when we doubt our identity when we fall short.

So labels are bad, and it’s really sad when we feel labeled by others. Because when we say, “That’s just who I am,” that’s what we are doing: we are labeling ourselves as hurtful people, or brash people, or people with no self-control. “That’s just who I am” has got to be one of the saddest phrases in the English language. Isn’t one of the beautiful things about being human our capacity to grow and adapt, to mature and evolve?

Post 1978 Mormon spin doctoring stating Africans can hold the priesthood - As opposed to Afrikantz, the pre-1978 spin doctoring blaming the Seed of Cain, saying, "Africans can't hold the priesthood." A Mormon who would rather die than surrender when surrounded by the evil forces of logic, reason, science and rational thought. She single handedly kept the morale of his troops at all time highs throughout the smite and scorch battle season. (see also Petersoneptitude and "shooting the mo-ssinger") A former Mormon who not only disbelieves but can back up their position with solid evidence.

A Mormon who has performed baptism for the dead on and in behalf of Davey Crockett. Example: "Oh, it's not like with Sister Jensen's husband who only committed adultry, Charles is a real aposatanstate." A branch of science which has proven a lack of all Book of Mormon evidences. Our class was roughly based on chapter 3 of the book, Unglued, by Lysa Ter Keurst, and in that chapter, she discusses how labels imprison us.Often, these labels are put on us by other people: “You’re a wreck.” “You’re stupid.” “You’ll never get it together.” I could go on and on with examples of the ways we limit each other with our words, the ways we reduce each other to a dismissive phrase.Next week, we will take a closer look at some of those natural tendencies. But until then, the challenge is to consider–and reject–the labels that have been put on us. Thus, the first step in learning to deal with our strong emotions–our strong natural tendencies, in other words–is to embrace the idea that labelsare a lie.We are more than the sum of our natural tendencies, and just because we feel something doesn’t mean that we must act on it.For the purposes of our class, we needed to identify the way that labels limit us and to talk about ways to overcome the labels that are put on us, both by others and ourselves.The point of is, as the subtitle states, to learn how to make “wise choices in the midst of raw emotions.” And so often, we hide behind labels to justify succumbing to those emotions.Traditionally a sign of wisdom, which explains why they are rarely seen on LDS "Authorities." Facial hair only Jesus can wear in the temple. Central Utah village made "furmous" as the "Let's get away!

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