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She was a great cocksucker and oh man, the feeling of warm wet lips around my cock for the first time was just amazing! Her pussy was dripping wet and she was playing with her huge 44D tits. She screamed out as she came, "Holy Shit that thing is HUGE!! I was so damn horny that I was scheduling different women and couples almost every day. I opened it up and they were all of my mom naked and of my mom fucking other guys! I didn't understand the whole reason she was fucking other guys in the pictures, then it hit me. I started to masturbate to them on a regular basis.Which I started to suck on as I put my cock head to her very wet pussy. " I tried to be careful because I thought I was hurting her but she was screaming in ecstasy, not pain. I felt my cock shaft rubbing against her hard clit as I fucked her. I found out very quickly that a woman's pussy on average is only 6 to 7 inches deep when aroused and I was 9.5 long! ” So I pushed past it slowly(I found out later I went under it and not in it). I got my whole cock in her, all the way to my balls! I told her this and she growled at me,"Fill me with all your cum baby! This started my foray into the cuckold lifestyle, where I was the bull and he(hubby), was the cuck. Well, the days my dad worked first shift of course since both my mom and dad where gone 9-5, I was just so anxious to find out who was next! After getting this steady stream of pussy for most of the summer, I stumbled upon something in the basement of our house. I realized after a few days, I seriously wanted to fuck my mom but how do I let her know? I thought “This is so wrong” but the thought really turned on! What I started to do during the day when both my parents worked, I would go into my mom's dirty clothes basket, take pairs of her panties out and masturbate with them.Their bedroom was right above my bedroom in the basement.

He had to return the cover for credits for the unsold ones.

So as you can imagine, I had a gigantic porn collection, which kept me very busy!

He was very cool and he let me start to trade my porn magazines in because he also sold used porn magazines.

He was so generous because he knew what I liked and since he didn't sell every magazine every month, he would let me trade 1 magazine in and he gave me 5 or so new ones to pick from.

As I fucked her, I felt like I hit a wall in her pussy! ” I was only able to pull out fully twice and I shot jet after jet of my cum in her pussy! I fucked her 1 more time until she had to leave before her husband got home. I started to call other people back who left messages. My dad's tools, tool bench and tool shed where on the other side of the basement. I started to smell and then lick her dirty panties..

Once I bumped into it, she jumped and said “WHAT THE…”! " She said,"Holy shit Vinny, I think you hit my cervix”. My next encounter was a couple that wanted a well endowed younger guy to fuck the wife while hubby watched and took video and still pictures. I was on that side one day and as I was searching for a specific tool, I came across my dad’s porn collection! I was very intrigued as most of his magazines where of amateur women and couples fucking. The taste of her pussy juice really turned me on and boy, I would get rock hard. Rub my cock all over them and I would cum all over them, then put them back where I found them in the dirty clothes basket.This was during the day, so not that many of our neighbors where home anyway. When we got down to my bedroom, she had already had her hands all over my cock once she walked into the door and she was amazed at my size.She, like a lot of others would say, "I cannot believe the size of that thing for a 19 yr old”. Linda got on her knees and immediately started to suck my cock. She then got undressed and laid on my bed, spread her legs and said “Fuck me with that thing Vinny! I got in between her legs and her pussy was surprisingly shaved nicely with a landing strip. Once I got my cock head in her, it was easier to fuck my shaft in and out and deeper and deeper. I thought “This is not right” but damn, she is hot! I knew this was wrong but my mom was really turning me on, so I took some of the Polaroids to my bedroom.So I was trading in upwards of 10 magazines at a time and I would walk out of there with boxes full of porn magazines.Remember, this was before the internet so that was the only way you could get porn back then (unless you worked where I worked and got free tapes to copy! He also gave me the magazines he didn't sell that month minus the cover of the magazine.My first was a 55 yr old married lady that lived only a few minutes away from my house. I always had porn on before they came and I always answered the door naked to break the ice very quickly.I asked them to not be obvious and park around the block just so my neighbors didn’t think nothing was up. She was into fucking younger guys and she told me she couldn't resist what I had!I had always wanted to go to a adult book store since I was like around 15 but I was never old enough too but since I turned 17, I knew I was golden! I started to go to the adult bookstore closest to my house, upwards of 4 times a week.I got to be really good friends with the guy behind the counter, who happened to also be the owner of the place.It was 1992, I was 17 and like every other 17 yr old, I was horny 24/7. So for the most part, I was home alone the whole summer.I stayed naked pretty much all day because I was by myself in the house. I worked 3 or 4 nights a week at most at a local video store. I did have something I didn't realize was such a gift until in gym class, I found out it was.

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