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The preamble to the Civil Marriage Act states that “everyone has the freedom of conscience and religion,” “nothing in this Act affects the guarantee of freedom of conscience and religion and, in particular, the freedom of members of religious groups to hold and declare their religious beliefs,” and “it is not against the public interest to hold and publicly express diverse views on marriage.” But how quickly things change.Since the watershed moment of legalization, Canadian social norms have shifted rapidly, and what was once considered fringe or debateable has become the new normal.

That is the inevitable conclusion and consequence if we endorse barring TWU law graduates from practicing law.” Not only are Christian lawyers being pushed out by their colleagues, but they are also experiencing ostracism from their clients.

As the debate over TWU heated in the media, some of Canada’s most powerful corporations created Legal Leaders for Diversity (LLD), a group that now includes over 70 of Canada’s largest corporations.

The message is that transgender desires are just as perfectly normal as homosexual leanings.

This message is already being propagated by our media.

Today, different opinions on “gender identity” and same-sex “marriage” are no longer tolerated.

Our society is sweeping away respect for religious faiths that do not accept and celebrate same-sex “marriage,” and the Civil Marriage Act’s assurances seem merely farcical.The benchers who sit on provincial law societies are some of the most powerful lawyers in the country.In debating the TWU covenant, many of these elite lawyers made comparisons between the opposition to same-sex “marriage” and racism.In particular, some councillors were concerned that the trustee had consistently opposed gay-straight alliances in schools (a 2012 Ontario law states that these activist gay groups must be permitted inside all publicly-funded schools, including Catholic ones).As in the case of TWU, councillors used an analogy to racism.Children as the Next Frontier of Gender Diversity This coming September, all publicly funded schools in the province of Ontario, whether Catholic or secular, must begin to teach an aggressive new sexual education curriculum which is categorically opposed to Catholic teaching on sexuality and the human person.Starting in grade three, the curriculum introduces children to the idea that gender is fluid, and that little boys can decide to be girls, or vice versa.Through LLD, these companies aim to alter the legal landscape by choosing to do business only with pro-gay law firms.Never before has there been a concerted effort to essentially starve Christian law firms out of business.A mere decade after same-sex “marriage” was legalized in Canada, citizens who do not support same-sex “marriage” are outside the bounds of social acceptability.It is now considered in the public interest to deny them career opportunities and advancement.

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