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Dating shotgun shells

Winchester shotgun shells do not seem to follow the pattern below.

For example, I have a box of "Winchester Super Speed Xtra Game Loads" .410 shells purchased in October of 2010 and says "Carton No.

I believe the measurement you need is the length of the metal tube inside the forearm. )"The Tri-Rail Forearm is for Mossberg 500 series (12 gauge) pre-2008 production.

Even though Du Pont purchased Remington-UMC and Peters in 1934, they left the brand lines mostly the same for some period of time.

Doug Originally Posted by turtlefoot View post Yes, actually the Rem-UMC headstamp (as well as the Peters headstamp) were used well into the 1950's.

Once again, welcome and congrats on the great finds!

Doug I found these a couple weeks ago and didn't think much of them till seeing this thread.

That is not to say yours if from then, but it is to say this line of shells was pushed the hardest during these decades. Doug Yes, actually the Rem-UMC headstamp (as well as the Peters headstamp) were used well into the 1950's.

Shells under the Remington name were used later as well as the R-P and Remington-Peter carefully remove the forend nut, and you will have to measure to see if the length of the action slide tube assembly is 7-5/8" or 6-1/2" ( 6-3/4" as stated anywhere else).You can cheat and measure before disassembly by instead measuring the forend, if you see the the end points in the below instruction."Comparison of action slide tube assembly lengths: top 7-5/8", bottom 6-1/2".Measure from the top of the threads [with the forend nut off] to the bottom of the collar that holds the two action slide bars.This measurement is critical to fit when ordering forends or stock sets that include a forend.V4101238 E128223 K7516 9009266_100405_4/10"- so I am guessing that the "4/10" means that it was manufactured in April 2010 in this case.I have some "Winchester Universal" 20 gauge shells that just say "U207' on the box.The date is contained in a LL## group, where L is a letter and # a number, making up or included in the lot number impressed into the box tab.Numbers preceeding the LL## probably equate to the production line.You could always take it off and measure the length. I think that you are either looking at the identical Pro Mag Tri-Rail Forend on Ebay, .95 or the preferable combination Pro Mag, , PM168 - Mossberg 500/590 (12 Gauge) Tri-Rail Forend and .Also someone on here said the action bar for the Mav was rivited on the forend if I was tracking correctly. (Are you planning on wearing gloves with that hand-grater?

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