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But what would really make him happy is a hairy pussy in his face.

Once Rodney's able to stand again, she continues her wet, slobbery blow job.

Before long she's begging Rodney to fuck her dripping wet pussy.

Rodney is out for a stroll when he spots cuteie Melissa waiting patiently on the train tracks.

Turns out she's from Demark and is waiting for the Trolley to take her to Hollywood to be a star.

Rodney informs her that there won't be a trolley coming along, and that he is a producer who can help her be a star, if she comes back to his studio for a screen test.

Once there he shows her the ins and outs of stardom by diving between her legs to lick her furry pussy before pulling out his throbbing cock for her to suck on.But when he gets an eyeful of Olivia's hot hairy body, he can't keep his hands to himself.Despite her "no touching" policy, Olivia finds herself feeling sorry for Rodney.They keep on knocking boots until Rodney fills her hairy hole with cream.Added August 02 Olivia Rose "Hairy Housekeeper" Rodney's house is in need of some serious housekeeping , so he calls over Olivia from Hairy Housekeeping to clean the place up for him.At first the girls can't seem to get the right position to sleep and keep warm.But then Simone, suggests they spoon and that's where the fun begins.Simone dons the toy then bangs Katie's hairy hole hard.When she's done with that, she slides on top and rubs her fur covered clit against Katie's as the two hairy beauties finally satisfy their desires with some sexy scissor action.So she sits her fur-covered twat right down in his face and in no time at all, Rodney's feeling better.While Rodney licks her clit, she swallows his rod for some hot 69 action.

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