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No, cynics, it's not called Jenga Ocean because it looks like a marine oil spill.

In fact, Bureo makes their jet black edition of the iconic toppling tower game from 100% recycled fishing nets as part of their overarching... A Floor War pitting vampires against unicorns in a new throwing card game from Yumfactory.

Law360, Wilmington (November 30, 2016, PM EST) -- A chancery court trial began in Delaware Wednesday with adult dating company Friend Finder Networks Inc.

" To which you would throw down your White "German dungeon porn" or "Binging and Purging" Card. " Cards Against Humanity was a Kickstarter project created by Chicagoan Max Temkin.

Here are a few reasons why Max Temkin is cool: Chess has always been a game of supreme intellectual acuity, and now Credit Card Chess turns it into a game of supreme physical acuity as well.

Eight of those sites should not have been included, Buckheit said, and PGMI has refused to...

Cards Against Humanity is basically a more blatantly raunchy and politically incorrect version of the game Apples to Apples.

Unstable Unicorns invites players to do just that while playing its strategic card game "about everyone's two favorite things: Destruction and Unicorns."... Tortuga 1667 pits you, a pirate, and 1 to 8 other players, your crewmates, against a Spanish Galleon sailing in the Caribbean. So, yeah, pretty much an ideal gift for any person...

It's a good thing The Pop-up Book of Sex came to us (hard, I hear) over 10 years ago because the decade in between gave You Tubers plenty of time to put together a detailed video flip-through of every single one of the...

The Czar's favorite White Card wins the round, and its owner comes forward to claim a point, and take over as the next round's Card Czar.

Black Cards might pose the question, "What is Batman's guilty pleasure? Or, you may request other Humanity players fill in the following statement: "_______: kid tested, mother approved." How about, "Michael Jackson," "Third Base," or "Classist Undertones?

that were mistakenly transferred to the popular adult magazine company.

Friend Finder CEO Jonathan Buckheit said that after the company sold its Penthouse assets to PGMI in February, more than 1,000 websites were given over to the new owners of the Penthouse business.

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  • FriendFinder Wants Website Control Back From Penthouse - Law360

    Nov 30, 2016. Two of the websites in question, HornyWife and BookOfSex, are co-brands of the FriendFinder network that help drive traffic and customers to its adult dating. Buckheit also testified Wednesday that the company could face sanctions from credit card companies if too many customers asked to chargeback.…