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The only reason I've not got round to asking for a refund is because I want Access, which is not available in Believe it or not, this is an abbreviated version of all I've tried or been told to do by Microsoft.Now, with Classic Menu software, you can find back classic menus and toolbar of Outlook 2003/XP(2002)/2000.

The problem seems to be that Outlook 2016 has set itself up with a profile using another email address of *** Email address is removed for privacy *** and nothing I can do can change this to match the xxx.btinternet address the other calendars use.A couple of weeks ago I bought the Office 365 package.This downloaded and apparently installed correctly on the desktop.For more control over Outlook's email address autocomplete file, try a tool like Ingressor.Note: this only works with the autocomplete list maintained by Outlook 2003 and Outlook 2007. This is good: when you start keying in a name or address, Outlook automatically suggest the contact in its entirety.Unfortunately, Outlook remembers the mistyped and old as well as the correct and current—and suggest it indiscriminately. I have spent two weeks trying to find the answer to this problem during which I've visited dozens of web pages but none seem to answer the questions.For some reason Microsoft seem to think that everyone is trying to sync with a Mac or a phone.To clear your Outlook autocomplete list of all entries with one click: Outlook Mail on the web will draw its autocomplete suggestions from multiple sources; depending on the source, different steps are needed to remove the entry.For people in your Outlook Mail on the web People list, it is best to remove the address from the contact: You can discard the message.

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