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Dating and viability

But it's looking much better than it was ☺ Progesterone was a little low, so have a script to start some pessaries. During the week i got mine checked at 5w4d and Hc G was 694 so waited 48hrs and they had risen but only to 989.

I feel like my Drs are going to push me towards ending / giving up hope - wondering if I am being silly for continuing to hope?

I also got my BFP on the 12th July, surely it's too early to see much on an ultrasound yet anyway? I wouldn't give up hope yet, see how your scan is on Thursday and if you still can't see much I'd ask for another scan the following week.

I think I'm about 6 weeks, 6 days but not sure.

Are they going to send you for a scan to see what's happening in there? Good luck, I really hope things work out for you xo By the way, my hcg seems to be taking closer to 3 days to double, so maybe yours is like that too?

Hoping it's all ok on Thursday though I got my bfp on 28th June and had my scan a few days ago. I guess it is completely up to you, if it some stage you are told it's not viable then you have the option of waiting for things to happen naturally and that way you know you have given it extra time just in case if you are worried about that. I really hope it turns out well though, have my fingers crossed for you. My sister had very low levels in her 1st pregnancy, got conflicting opinions on weather or not she was even pregnant, was booked in for a curette because they believed she was miscarrying, only to be told at the last minute (while she had fasted and ready for prep) that she was in fact pregnant. I will see what my hcg has done tomorrow, and if it is still rising then I think I will give it more time, even if they think it isn't rising fast enough.

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Fast forward 8 years she has a very healthy and happy 8 year old son. I'd rather wait a few more weeks and be sure than have any doubt.

Congratulations to all on their BFPs ☺ I was after some advice...

I have PCOS and needed clomid in the past to help me ovulate.

I think the doctor's attitude where she was already talking about it being a miscarriage rocked me a bit.

But until I see that it hasn't progressed, or I get cramping or bleeding, I don't think I can give up on it. I got a bfp 9th July, had 1 scan due to pains to rule out ectopic, dr said it was right spot but looked empty he was giving me 2 weeks before another scan.

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