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Anna is much younger than my close group and me maybe more than half our general age; Anna, at 32, is 32 years younger than I am.

Total square feet of the place are less than 800 square feet.

It is comfortable since I no longer have a wife and my kids are grown and on their own.

Most of my friends make the presumption that I teach speech communication; therefore, I must be a mentor or coach. Tonight she got one of the stiffest of my group to break into laughter over a story she told.

Everyone went silent for a moment waiting for lightening bolt that was sure to strike.

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"I get turned on by a lot of things," she told me and wrapped me in a hug any man would die for.

My guests know Anna as my closest, no secret friend.

My group knows her for her local news anchor celebrity status.

She uses a different on-air last name making it less likely that my group would stumble upon our real relationship.

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