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Even if it does invade deeper, it does not jump off and move elsewhere in the body like other forms of skin cancer do.

In the same way, Bowen’s disease can also be cured by excision followed by chemotherapy cream; some specialists also use cryotherapy — freezing the tissue to the point of destruction — which can be performed as an out-patient procedure.

Although it must be shocking to you to be told that you have two types of skin cancer, it is important to note these are localised, will not spread elsewhere in the body and now that they have been diagnosed and removed, have been cured.

As the pouch enlarges, it can collect undigested food which may then be regurgitated.

Other symptoms include waking in the night with a sense of blockage in the throat or bouts of coughing — a symptom that may be mistaken for acid reflux.

And you say that you are yet to return to your normal weight: the key is to eat slowly, chew carefully and, in that way, regain your confidence about food. Bowen’s disease is named after Dr John Bowen, who ‘discovered’ this condition 99 years ago.

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I spoke to a colleague about this who said the pouch won’t necessarily enlarge. It can be seen in adults at any age, although it is most common after the age of 60 and far more frequent in women.

The ‘pouch’ you describe occurs when the oesophagus — the muscular tube connecting your throat with your stomach — develops a bulging or blowout at the top.

Here the lining pushes through the muscle layers into the neck itself, though no swelling can be seen externally.

That is why it is important to recognise and treat BCCs.

For both types of skin cancer, simple surgical removal is usually effective.

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