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One of the favorite events for our students was called “We speak and sing in Russian.” Together we prepare for each event, often ending with a rehearsal very late. They shake their heads again, looking at me with his intelligent eyes. Since Russian language was taught in all the countries of Eastern Europe, we were often sent there, so we could help the teachers of Russian language in these countries.And then all of us, teachers and students were happy – how much humor and fun was at these gatherings. And finally, I understood, that this gesture (shaking heads) means: “Yes, of course, everything is clear! How often then we laughed together, remembering that! All of my students (there were five) after a few years, spoke in Russian as if it were their native language. “Of course not – Isao surprised – why should I be afraid of you? Every summer, one month I worked in one of these countries. The Three British “Musketeers” A few years later I was invited to teach Russian language at a university in England where I came to live for two years.

Again, new difficulties, new methods, joys and sorrows.

Then finally the victory as they were able to overcome the difficulties of our Russian language.

China In 1989, the University and the Ministry of Education sent me to work in China.

I taught Russian language at Peking National University.

The great Russian scientist Lomonosov wrote that in Spanish you can speak with God, in French – with friends, in German –to the enemy, in Italian – with women, but in Russian we can speak with everyone.

Really, it’s an amazing language – rich, handsome, lively and tuneful.

Of course you know that the founder of modern Russian language was Alexander Pushkin.

Not surprisingly, the Day of the Russian language will be celebrated on the sixth of June, the birthday of the great Russian poet.

Russian language – my love Recently, Russia has got a new day of celebration, “Day of the Russian language.” Many writers and poets, musicians, artists, scientists, and we, teachers of Russian, dreamed of such day of celebration.

Once one of the famous actor said: “We should thank God for what he has done such a fantastic gift to us – gave us an excellent Russian language.

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