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Dating god waiting way

A relationship should no longer be your top priority, and you should now have more time to spend growing both as an individual and as a believer.

A common complaint from single Christian women is that they just can’t seem to surround themselves with the ‘right guys.’ As a Christian, dating can be harder because your moral standards are set so much higher.

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Of course, in this case, there is waiting to be done. To blame someone you haven’t met for the delay of a relationship that may or may not happen is completely unfair to everyone involved.That doesn’t mean that you should go to church simply to look for guys.Instead, see it as an opportunity to get closer to God and connect with fellow Christians who could be potential marriage partners.Not only do you have to find someone who shares your interests, but you also have to find someone who shares your faith.But dating can also be easier, because if you have Christ in common, you’re already more than halfway there.This way, you can find out what he believes, and if your values don’t match up, you can know for sure that he isn’t ‘the one.’ Change is hard, lets face it.The most difficult part about all of this is that some change will be inevitable if things are to get better in your relationship or marriage.While there isn’t some magical secret to attracting the ‘right guys’, there are a few tips you can use to weed out the bad ones. Clearly, your chances of finding a respectable Christian man in a bar or casino are very slim.Dating websites like can be helpful, but beware of the ‘fake’ Christians who will profess to be believers just to get close to you.In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.” As a general rule, if you have the confidence and patience to keep going, and your motives are pure, then by all means, keep going.But if your search has you burned out and frustrated with yourself, the world, and God, you need to move on- at least for the time being.

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