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2) Keep your head on straight - Yes, we all know dates are supposed to be fun, but knowing what's going on is important both for your own safety and for your love life.Talk to each other, both on and off dates, to get to know each other more.What he got on the first date was a sneak peek, what he should get from your continued dating should be the entire reel. All have you said is really effective when you try it, just be open to the guy and don't shy to tell something are say something...we need to enjoy our date so that will be more effective!It also shows him that you're taking notice of him and you appreciate him. Like I said, look at the bright side of things - the service of the restaurant may have been slow but the ambience was terrific.4) Do not complain - This may be technically part of tip three, but it deserves a separate heading.Is your date acting suspiciously or is he just nervous?Maybe you'd want to end the date early or do something to calm him down.Situational awareness is not just for soldiers on the front but also for young women on the prowl.3) Be nice - Have a positive attitude, find things that you like and tell him.Well, there they are seven tips for dating success! More advice for women: Don't try to tell them how to fix their car or vehicle when it breaks, as that may hurt their manliness when and if you show that you know something perhaps more than they do about cars.Hopefully, this advice could help lead you through today's tough tangle of relationships. Don't wear any makeup at all as most men do not like makeup and will not want to have you wear it.

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