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Some of the rooms used the glow in the dark effects brilliantly. What blew me away were the giant pumpkin rooms we walked through. Obviously, this maze had the most attention to detail as it is permanent, which definitely keeps you in awe.There were times when I thought I was really on the TV show, which was fantastic. My only complaint is that I feel that the walk-through was way too short, especially for something that’s a year-round attraction.

Lola- I love mazes will probably recognize some props and ideas, but it’s been revamped enough that it still feels like a completely new experience.

Consider this year-round haunt to be a love letter to walker fans, everywhere.

American Horror Story, The Exorcist, and Texas Chainsaw Massacre Mazes Andy- Due to the extreme wait times for the mazes, we were unable to get into these mazes before the event was over for the night.

Wait times were averaging three hours, and with the park being sold out, we couldn’t hit up all the mazes.

Most of all, it was the only maze of the night to get a few scares out of me, which is rather difficult to do. Unlike Andy, though, I didn’t necessarily feel that they hit all of their story beats.

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That is to say I didn’t feel the story they were trying to convey was mapped out quite as well as it could’ve been. I like that they have alternate endings, depending on the night you attend.Lola- The fact that we weren’t able to see three mazes pissed me off.If you have to spend the kind of money HHN is asking for then I think you should be able to see all of the attractions.By the time we got to the end of the trail I was one cranky spider. I know most people don’t want to think about Christmas this time of the year, but with the added horror of , it was a lot of fun.Now, I haven’t seen the film yet, so I can’t really compare the film to the maze, but it was really cool walking through this house that’s being terrorized by a monster over the holidays.Some nights Freddy wins, and some nights Jason comes out on top. This is what I think Horror Nights does best, it uses a movie a springboard, to create something entirely new, but still resembles the original film or films.Halloween: Hell Comes To Haddonfield Andy- Let me just start off by saying that this is by far my favorite maze of all time. The scares were great and it continued to tell the story of Michael Myers. Lola- I have to agree with Andy, this maze is probably the best thing I’ve ever seen at HHN. My favorite part of the maze is the black out room with multiple glow in the dark pumpkin masks. The Walking Dead Andy- Now this maze obviously differs from mazes of the past as it is now year-round.With haunt season officially upon us, the team here at All Hallows’ Haunts kicked it off by visiting Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights.Now because we had different views and thoughts on the event, we decided to list each of our opinions on the event.My favorite thing about the maze was the use of scents in each room.Some rooms smelled like ginger bread, or vanilla, and even Christmas trees.

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