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In the 1920s and 1930s, Bob Brownell was a middle-America businessman who owned and managed a gas station and sandwich shop in his small hometown, Montezuma, Iowa.

In his free time, Bob was a devoted shooter and outdoorsman who enjoyed repairing and customizing firearms.

Shop Deer is dedicated to bring you the best products, gear, and information for hunters.

Through Deer & Deer Hunting, the magazine, and Shop Deer, we provide unparalleled information on deer hunting.

It’s a huge test of confidence as it’s wide, open, steep, and fully exposed to drops of 100 feet or more.”The Parks Service won’t quote an official number of deaths, but does provide lengthy safety instructions for climbers.

“Many accidents on the Keyhole Route occur on the way down from the summit when fatigue or the false assumption that, ‘I’ve done the hardest part,’ can lead to inattention and poor decision making,” it advises, going on to warn against summit fever, getting lost, slipping and falling, solo travel, shortcutting, and ever-changing weather conditions.

“Because it stands well above most other peaks in the area, Longs creates its own weather,” says Brookhart.

“I’ve seen clear days turn very quickly into high winds, and very, very cold temperatures.

We are dedicated to offering you the best products and gear for your deer hunting wants and needs.

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