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When a man becomes addicted to pornography, he eventually develops a tolerance to it.

Patty had recently discovered Joe viewing Internet pornography late at night.

A search of the computer’s history revealed chronic use of porn.

They believe their husbands would rather be with the women they view in pornography rather than their wives.

Often they feel that they have been replaced by a computer image.

Related: 5 Lies I Believed When My Husband Was Watching Porn This is further compounded by the effects pornography can have on a man’s sexual performance.

A man who is addicted to pornography can become so accustomed to being sexually aroused by the “perfect” women in pornography that he can eventually find it difficult to perform sexually with his own wife.

Since she had always been faithful to her husband, she knew she caught the disease from him. One can hardly imaging the devastation this couple felt.

Although this couple loved each other dearly and were committed to mending their marriage, it took months of therapy to work on forgiveness and rebuilding trust.

Because of this, she may think, “How can I compete with the young girls in porn?

” This can lead her to feel ugly, undesirable, and rejected by her husband.

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