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A thought exists that these addictions are protective in nature [4].

Main characteristics of the Internet Addiction are shown in the table 1. Young showed that the main reason for the disorder to become widespread was personal anonymity online [15].

Many, mostly young people, feel better and more comfortable in a virtual than in a real world.

The Internet addiction develops because of the three main factors: 1.

Accessibility of Information, Interactive zones and Pornography; 2. Subconscious feelings of trust in online communication.

The sociological survey showed that one third of the junior students (33.4%) sometimes drowsed, had sore eyes, headache or felt unwell after spending time on the Internet.

In addition, more than 4.0% felt these symptoms frequently.

In any case, any addiction is harmful to humans and our society. The main one was that the Internet may become an addictive agent, and the IA may form in anindividual with easily addictive personality in accordance with dynamics of a classical addiction process.

Considering the problem from an epidemiological and statistical point of view, it is noticeable that prevalence of the IAD is comparable to other forms of non-chemical addictions.

It was previously shown that the feeling of discomfort associated with PIU, must be a reason for certain pathological conditions of different nature.

As such, new syndromes and even illnesses have appeared, related to different addictions with loss of impulse control.

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