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I squint, stare and lean in as you repeat the whispered comment about 10 times. As we venture out with friends and family, I grab the seat at the head of the table and try to follow the lines of communication and fail miserably. Listening is hard for me, especially when we are out to eat at a restaurant, in a dark place like a theater or club.

I have to read your lips, but it doesn't always solve everything.

Its sound processing uses algorithms tailored to women, who tend to lose low frequencies first, the opposite of men.

A pair of the devices costs less than $800 — a fraction of the $2,363 average cost for a single prescription hearing aid, according to a 2015 federal report.

San Leandro, Calif.-based company i Hear Medical, for example, has just begun to sell a new FDA-approved hearing aid, the Eva, which is specifically designed for women.

The device is scaled down to fit smaller female ear canals.

I am not ashamed of it, but I don't necessarily want to talk about it either.

Dating with hearing aids

It is my choice to tell others, whether it's strangers or close friends. It is up to me to have the pride and courage to acknowledge it.

Don't tell people for me, because when you do, it becomes everything. I'm trying to hear what you say, what our friends say, what our family says. It is as exhausting for you to accommodate for my disability as it is for me to to try to compensate for your normality. Just as there are no fairy godmothers who can wave a wand and fix our hearing, there is no permanent solution in real life.

As a result, the real me who I want others to see gets overlooked. I am trying to understand the words of a song you want me to know. If you will continue to be patient with me for as long as you can, I will try to remember that you don't mean to hurt me when you become frustrated. All we can do is keep going, keep pushing and keep trying. But then again, the best things in life never are, are they?

But when armed with these tips, a positive attitude, and persistence, you might just find love around the next corner.

Readers, what tips do you have for successfully dating with hearing loss?

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